Bandua the Dark Side

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  • Beer craft Galicia: Pardao Blonde 12 Out.

    Box of 12 units Auriun Loire - OPA (Ourense Pilsner Ale) 1.70€ unit Made with two types of malt, two types of hops and yeast fermentation High . Has a strong malt, well balanced with hops, carbonation soft and low bitterness . Yellow gold, the fruity aroma comes from the yeast two fermentations, and also have aromas presence barley, cereal and hay . Light body - means Flight. Alc.: 5,5% Bottle: 33 cl. Type: But Blond Price Each: 1.70€ Format: In box 12 units
  • Beer craft Galicia: Bandua the Dark Side 24 Out.

    Box of 24 unidades de Bandua the Dark Side 1.80 € la unidad Style Dry Stout Stout . Made with five varieties of malts, English and American hops, branches of licorice and water Galicia . In black color and a color foam coffee, dense and durable . It highlights the flavors blend coffee, chocolate and licorice . Flight. Alc.: 5,1% Bottle: 33 cl. Type: America, Stout Price Each: 1.80€ Format: In box 24 units