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  • Blaneo Chardonnay white wine 2019


    Older, more complex, more exclusive. Limited production 1500 bottles. the elaboration has been, manually collected, the grape goes to the press after being de-stemmed. The must undergoes a natural racking in a steel tank and the following day it is transferred to new French oak barrels from 500 liters for the development of alcoholic fermentation. It's hard 25 days, after which, it is racked and reared in the same barrels with its lees, con batonnages regulares, during 6 months. In the month of February, after gentle clarification, happens to be bottled.
  • Red Wine Guarda from LEDA Selección

    Boxed Guarda de Leda is a signature wine, which is only made in certain vintages, only in those that are excellent. It has an aging of 30 months in barrels of French and american oak. Guarda de Leda is the premium wine of Bodegas Leda. It comes from the oldest plots that this winery cares for in the Ribera del Duero areas, Toro and Cigales close to the 100 years old and with very low yields. The add 2015 it was characterized by a soft spring and a long, warm summer that lasted until November. This allowed a long and full maturation in both sugars and phenolic compounds.. The harvest, after a manual harvest, boxes 12 kilos and triple selection of grapes, it was excellent. The maceration was very long reaching 25 days. All this has allowed a wine of aging with good balance., intensity in color and high tannic potential.