Birch firewood

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  • DO Daniberto cured artisan cheese San Simón da Costa

    Artisan Cheese Smoked Gallego nipple with Birch firewood and cured. logo_san_simon_da_costa PDO San Simón da Costa Ideal para aperitif. The development of Cheese San Simón da Costa board a traditional recipe with the best materials and the most hygienic sanitary control. Two features stand out in the process of developing, giving it its distinctive flavor and aroma. First, of raw material fundamental: cow's milk, especially the blond races Galician, brown Alpine and Frisian, always produced in the area in accordance with health regulations. The most significant feature is found in the phase SMOKED, for which the wood of a typical tree of the area is used: BIRCH, although it dispenses with bark. After the cheese is stored for maturation, for a time not less than 45 days. The product is already developed and only need for finalization of labeling. And consumption.