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  • Dried mushrooms blends in case 25 grs

    Mixtures of dried wild mushrooms in cardboard box 25 g
    • Billet (Boletus edulis)
    • Colmenilla (Morchella sp.)
    • Mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa)
    • Rebozuelo (CANTHARELLUS eibarius)
    • Shiitake (Shiitake)
    Expiration: 3 years Conservation: Ambient temperature Different types of mushrooms with flavors ranging from sweet to intense and diverse flavors: wood, peach, a mixture of truffle and spices ... HOW TO EAT? Depending on the type of mushroom can be used: raw in salads; skip-giving as an appetizer or entree; ingredient in soups and creams; batters for croquettes, cannelloni and lasagne; Scrambled, rice, pasta or stew of vegetables; garnish on meat or fish stews or can be used in desserts and ice cream.