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  • Coffee Liqueur: The Val

    Coffee Liqueur La Val

    Iodinated dark mahogany tones in his rim. In nose notes of good coffee, very toasty aromas, anise and some chocolate. Its entrance is unctuous, melosa, with notes of coffee and toasted. Finish is long, soft and gentle.
  • Coffee Liqueur: Martin Codax

    Coffee Liqueur, Martin Codax: Martin Codax coffee liqueur made from fermentation of steam stripping and coffee from Brazil, Colombia and Africa. Marc albariño Galician. Cata: FASE VISUAL: It has an attractive chocolate brown, dark but bright hue. Olfactory phase: Great aromatic intensity, persistent aromas of freshly roasted coffee. Palate: It is pleasant in the mouth, soft, greedy, excellent balance and persistence. With free shipping
  • Coffee Liqueur: A Cepa

    Coffee Liqueur, obtained the best natural coffee from Colombia and Brazil, freshly roasted and ground to conserve all its aroma and freshness, together with sugar cane, apples, orange peels, banana and cinnamon, is put to macerate, for at least one month in Marc. Type: Coffee Liqueur Producer: Abbey's Cave Recommended: Digest any dish Graduation: 35% Flight. Formats: 75cl