Liquor Galicia

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  • Vodka Orgánico Green Mixology

    Vodka green 100% cereal. Hand-made in small batches. It is the result of an assembly of neutral alcohol from ancient wheat with five redestilaciones and distilled in a copper still traditional corn native galician from our gardens certified organic.   Made in Galicia. By: Green Mixology True Premium Organic Drinks
  • Premium Vodka Tear

    From the distillation of the best cereals, in combination with the pure water of Galicia and our selection of high quality ingredients, we developed this clean vodka, fresh and aromatic whose incomparable flavor is not only delicate and sweet but also full and intense. Can be served alone, ice or Cocktails Volume: 70 cl Alcohol: 40%
  • Premium Vodka Northeast

    Vodka produced in India by Atlantic Spirits English-style Polish vodkas but with potatoes Ginza in Lima. Volume: 70 cl Alcohol: 40%