The Denomination of Origin Ribeiro, that means “bank of the river” in galician, it is one of the five denominations of origin of wines existing in Galicia. The production area is located in the southern part of Galicia, in the north-western edge of the province of Orense, at the confluence of the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Avia, Arnoia and Barbantiño. The edges mountains isolate this region from the maritime influence of the atlantic, that determines your lower rainfall. The climate is temperate and humid, with average temperatures of 14,5 degrees celsius. The lands are mostly of source granite and, en general, acidic.

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  • We drink red wine 2015

    Awards 89 Points Guide AkataVino WineXtreme ed. 2017
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  • White wine Benedictus Fructus 2015

    Awards 92 Points Guide AkataVino WineXtreme ed. 2017
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  • Ribeiro Wine White Viña Uzal

    White wine of Bright Yellow color, Varietal and Complex that you will enjoy drinking it as much as us to be able to make it. Produced by controlled fermentation and maceration in cold of the varieties treixadura and torrontes. Cata Aroma of ripe fruit (apple, grapefruit) and white flowers, shiny and yellow with shades of green. The palate is broad, unctuous and balanced, although with a slightly acidic which gives it freshness. Cellar Vineyard Uzal is a family project of recent creation, it takes several generations making wine in Beade, Province of Ourense. This project consists in the selection of the best grapes, coming out of areas medium high village, where the water they get is little, and carrying little strains, getting so little grapes of each strain, but ensuring excellent quality of the grapes produced. Another feature of the vineyards is its antiquity, with some of more of 60 years old. All the defined characteristics, we have to have a pretty limited, a 5.000 bottles of white wine and 400 red (2017), worrying about the quality not the quantity.
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